There are a lot of free websolutions. It might like an easy fix, but you'll end up with a dime a dozen website

Why won't you incorporate your own style on your own website... that will make an impact!

What do you want to present to your future customers?

Responsive design

A website can be visited on a lot of different devices on different networks.

To cater for all these different situations, responsive design is essential – an optimal layout for every screensize. Without extra difficulties while managing your content.

Joomla! CMS

Jooma! is an open-source Content Management System. It is user-friendly, accessable, and search-engine optimized.

With a custom responsive template for Joomla! you'll have a professional website you can manage yourself.

Recent projects

Ely Milano Jewelry

Extensive catalog of bespoke jewelry, all managed by the Joomla! CMS

No extra plugins were used, all specific duties for display and layout are handled by Joomla! Custom fields and Template overrides. This makes it load faster, higher ranked by Google and easier to manage.

Klaas de Poel consultancy

Basic page with mood image and contact information. No extensive CMS here, but plain handwritten HTML5 and Sass. And as can be expected: responsive.

Stichting Dyslexie Nederland

Informative website aiming at professionals in education and healthcare.

An important part are the Frequently asked questions. Those are being displayed thrue Template overrides and Bootstrap.


Samen1Plan is a web-based careplan. This website is just a front for the webapplication and explains how it works.

The custom Joomla! template is based on the old website, but now in responsive layout.

Stoel Ontwerp

Extensive portfolio with build- and interior projects.

In countless images this gives an overview of what this builder can create.

c.k.v. ROG

An extensive Joomla! website with newsitems, downloadable documents and competition roster.

Acces Control on user-specific content is completely handled by Joomla's build in ACL.


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